€25 for a Giles & Posner 7-Litre Halogen Oven with Extender

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  • €25 for a Giles & Posner 7-Litre Halogen Oven with Extender
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  • Revolutionise the way you cook.
  • €25 for a Giles and Posner halogen oven.
  • Roast, bake, steam, slow cook and defrost.
  • Self-cleaning to make your life easier.


A halogen oven will revolutionise the way you cook. It produces lots of heat to cook food speedily (faster than conventional ovens) and when you cook something close to the element, the oven acts as a turbo-charged grill. It roasts beautifully, steams, fries and also works wonders when it comes to baking. Another great feature? It's self-cleaning! And the food tastes so good, meats and fish retain their juices and vegetables come out with a real bite. No more kitchen nightmares.


  • Capacity: 7 litre (10 litre with extender ring).
  • 1-60 minute timer.
  • 65-250 degree temperature range.
  • Cooks three times faster than traditional methods.
  • Reduces fat by 60%
  • Saves up to 80% energy.
  • Cooks more evenly.
  • Self-clean function.
  • Includes two racks, tongs & 3-litre extender ring.
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